Everything you need to know
before applying to Kalart coliving

At Kalart, we host digital nomads, independent professionals, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. The majority of them share a connection to the creative and cultural industry, as well as social entrepreneurship. They are generally between the ages of 30 and 45 who are clear about wanting to live purposefully, both inwardly and outwardly. They are interested in nature, holistic practices (yoga, meditation, etc.), artistic expression, and, above all, they want to feel fulfilled professionally and thereby improve their own lives and society. That's why we call them changemakers.

Kalart is a rural farm house surrounded by farmland at the foot of Montseny Natural Park. We offer 15 rooms, 1 coworking space, 1 multipurpose room, 2 kitchens, 2 terraces, an outdoor patio, solarium, vegetable garden, chill-out area, and the forest and river literally a 5-minute walk away

What also distinguishes Kalart is its location: the Montseny Valley, which is akin to the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona (or Shoreditch in London / Kreuzberg in Berlin) but this time with its countryside and mountains. The best of the two worlds! This valley has evolved into a hub for creators, cultural and social entrepreneurs, and Kalart actively contributes to it. Read more about it here 

You can come as a short-stay coliver (1 to 6 months) for a period of personal retreat, to work remotely or to prepare your next project. You can later shift to long term coliver (6 to 12 months) becoming a big part of the Kalart “family”, even establishing links with the Montseny Valley community.

Kalart has two things to offer you that are clearly unique from other colivings in Spain. 1st) the location. Not only because we are surrounded by nature and only 50 minutes from Barcelona and Girona. Also because of the cultural hub of the Montseny Valley -where we are- that hosts 13 different nationalities and a vibrant and connected community. 2nd) our proposal and philosophy of life. If you want to embark on purpose-driven entrepreneurship, this is your place. If you want to listen to your inner compass, this is your place. If you want to be productive and creative, grow professionally and get nurtured personally, this is the place. If you want to truly connect with people who share this vision, Kalart is your next destination.

Kalart is one of the most affordable colivings in all of Spain. Complete the application form and we’ll let you know the monthly price depending on the season and the rooms we have available.

We host a range of creative events at Kalart from ecstatic dance to art therapy, from masterminds to jam sessions, or our beloved mentoring coffees. We also love movie nights and games nights, and we tend to organise something outside of the house once per week like karaoke or going out for dinner. Most days of the week there is something to get involved with. 

Kalart is 500 meters from cafes, restaurants and a supermarket in the village of Sant Esteve de Palauterdora. Our favourite spots are the hybrid cafeteria & bookstore and the artisan pizzeria! The closest beach is Platja de la Riera, a 30-minute drive away.

On weekdays everyone takes it in turn to cook a healthy flexi-vegetarian meal. Whoever is responsible for cooking is also responsible for buying their ingredients. That means you pay for ingredients once every 3 weeks.

We have 2 bikes for common use, perfect for taking a ride through the Montseny Valley, going shopping in town or going out for a coffee. Kalart colivers also car share for food shopping, or for excursions like going to the mountains, the beach, or to explore other parts of Catalonia.

By car or train Kalart coliving is:
  • 50 minutes from Barcelona city centre
  • 1 hour from Barcelona airport
  • 50 minutes from Girona city centre
  If you’re using public transport, the train (Renfe R2) from Barcelona & Barcelona airport comes directly to our town.

We are a multi-lingual house. Everyone who lives here can speak English, and the majority can speak Spanish. Generally, we switch between the two depending on the group. But also, because Kalart is located within Catalunya people may speak to you in Catalan when you’re out in town, but local people are bilingual and speak Spanish very well.

We have a climate that is half Mediterranean and half continental. The trend is that winters are milder and summers are hotter. During winters (from November to March), we have an average temperature of 16°C (at night it drops to 11°C and during the day it reaches 20°C). The transitional seasons (Spring and Autumn) are becoming shorter, and they tend to blend into summer. Between April and October, we have an average temperature of 27°C (at night it's around 18°C and during the day it reaches maximums of 30°C).

Yes, it's usually possible. In fact, over 60% of our colivers extend their stay. To extend, you need to give us 1 month's notice. So, if you're coming for just one month, we may not be able to guarantee continuity, although we always try. If you book for, let's say, 2 months, you can let us know your intention to extend after the first few weeks.

In order to book your room, we ask for a 200€ downpayment, which will work as a deposit as well. We will pay it back to you at your check-out. In case you cancel your booking 3 months before your arrival, we give you back the 100% of the deposit. If you cancel 2 months before, you will be refunded 50%. If you cancel 1 month before, you will not be refunded. You also have the option we can hold the deposit for a future visit on a short time basis (for the following 6 months).

Yes! We’ve already helped projects in mainland Spain, Norway and the Canary Islands. 

We recommend that you first stay at Kalart for one month to gain a deep understanding of how we work, meanwhile we can deliver in-person consultations. Alternatively, write us an email and we’ll direct to you our online consulting services