Catalonia countryside coliving. Off The Beaten Track Coliving For Digital Nomads In Spain: The Montseny Valley

catalonia countryside coliving

Digital nomads are coliving in this “off the beaten track” village in Spain. Here’s everything you need to know about The Montseny Valley. Discover the Catalonia Countryside Coliving

I’m going to introduce you to the most off the beaten track place in Spain for digital nomads. The Catalonia Countryside Coliving. The locals might prefer that I keep it a secret, since they make such an effort to maintain the town’s natural authenticity. But, I believe that the readers of this blog possess the awareness and sensitivity to take care of this secret corner of the world. Just 50 minutes from Barcelona lies a multi-national and neo-rural town rich in culture and creativity. Carefully developed to preserve the natural environment in which it resides, The Montseny Valley is the southern gateway to the Montseny Natural Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 1978).

History of The Montseny Valley

Today, it is home to more artists, musicians, and dancers than anywhere else in Spain. The town has an incredible history: circus groups and theater companies first settled here in the late 70s. These pioneers in the valley unknowingly attracted others, who, tired of living in the city, moved from Barcelona to the Montseny Valley. A “migratory circuit” was created that went from the “Barrio de Gracia” (one of the most alternative and eco-friendly neighborhoods in Barcelona) to the urban mountain area of the Montseny Valley. In the last 30 years, therapists, psychologists and yoga teachers from all around the world relocated to the valley. Montseny was even the location of the first Vipassana meditation center in Spain. Without a doubt, this enclave vibrates in harmony with its natural environment, attracting professionals who value working in a rural and quiet environment.In this valley there are two towns: Sant Esteve de Palautordera and Santa Maria de Palautordera. Together, they are made up of 15,000 inhabitants, therapy centers, dance schools, artist residencies, cafes and restaurants with all kinds of gastronomic styles. 

Activities in The Montseny Valley

Some of the things that can be done during the week or on the weekend in the Montseny Valley:

  • Go out to eat a double-fermented or gluten-free pizza, at pizzeria with a shared table for solo diners.
  • Sign up for a yoga, meditation, pilates or fendelkrais class.
  • Drink a beer at a jam session and play Jazz or other genres of music.
  • Watch the sunset from 1800m above sea level.
  • Sign up for regular swing/lindy hop, salsa, bachata, forró classes…
  • Take a life drawing workshop.
  • Have a matcha latte in a hybrid coffee shop and bookstore.
  • Attend a contact dance improvisation class.
  • Take an excursion to the mountains with views of the sea.
  • Eat a Swiss hot chocolate or a crepe brettone.
  • Take theater classes, saxophone classes, acrobatic screens, muay tai.
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables from a local agricultural cooperative.
  • Sign up for an ecstatic dance, a cocoa ceremony, a temazcal…
  • Eat artisanal ice cream (better than the Italian ones).
  • Bathe in a natural river.
  • Visit a photography or painting exhibition.
  • Buy honey, cheese, eggs or wood-fired bread direct from local producers and farmers.

In this unique valley where more than 15 nationalities live and coexist, you can find several coliving communities. The first were masías (country houses or farm houses) shared by friends, then senior cohousing, cohousing for women, and a residence for dance professionals. In 2019, a new coliving opened its doors to digital nomads, allowing people from around the world to live in the valley for up to a year.

Collectively, these accommodations create a sense of communion in the valley that some call ‘the tribe’, a group of transgenerational people (between 20 and 50 years old) who know each other, create professional synergies, or simply enjoy the area’s cultural offerings together.

4 reasons you’ll love coliving in the Montseny Valley. Why many people chose our catalonia countryside coliving

Live in nature in the Catalonia countryside coliving. The two towns in Montseny Valley take up 4% of the territory of the natural park. There are hundreds of hectares of land without any development or people… purely nature trails and the sound of silence.

    1. Sociable culture. From a gastronomic pilgrimage, to regular cultural activities and weekend social events, there are dozens of fun and interesting things to do with your spare time in Montseny.    
    2. A slow-paced and friendly environment. Here, we live the ‘slow life’. That means we’re connected to the rhythm of nature, people walk without running, they greet each other on the street and stop to talk. Go into a cafe alone and leave having made friends with locals. 
    3. Quick connection to a big city. Barcelona is 50 minutes away, and many people commute to the city for work. This characteristic means the Valley has a certain commercial dynamism, without being isolated from development.

About Kalart Coliving

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Finally, I want to leave you a beautiful video that captures part of the essence of the Montseny Natural Park in its 4 seasons. Nothing more to add, if you can, go.

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