Cost of Living in Barcelona, Spain (2022 update)

Barcelona in Spain is one of the most-visited cities in world, but how much does it cost to live there?

Barcelona might be a great option if you’re looking to live in an city with outstanding cuisine, plenty of cultural events and a vibrant nightlife; You’ll find everything from hipster bars to trendy boutiques and there are of course some top restaurants and tapas bars.

If you plan to live in Barcelona, it will be useful to know what to expect financially. So we have created a complete breakdown of the cost of living there. We have broken down the cost of living into the three main expenditures:

  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Travel

Cost of accommodation: €700 per month

When moving to a new city (ciudad en Espanol!), obviously one of the most important costs to consider is that of accomodation. Given most people rent in Spain, we are going to cover rental costs rather than mortgages etc.

The cost of renting in Barcelona varies from area to area, but in a standard neighbourhood the rent of a one-bedroom apartment starts at €700 per month. The breakup residence-wise is as below:

Apartment€ 1,603
Studio€ 787
Private Room€ 457
*Rates are average for the different neighbourhoods and are valid for 2022.

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Cost of food: €100 per month

Food in Barcelona is relatively inexpensive compared to many European cities. Both the price and quality of produce in Spain is good. This is largely thanks to the the fruits and vegetables within the country, meaning you will be getting fresher ingredients with the added bonus of fewer food miles. Barcelona is famous for its food so you will be spoilt for choice on where to spend your money!

Below is a list of a standard diet (if that exists!):

Food/ Beverage ProductPrices in €
Water (1.5-liter bottle)€ 0.70
Wine (1 bottle, medium price)€ 5
Local beer (0.5-liter bottle)€ 1.07
Milk (ordinary), 1 liter€ 0.87
Fresh white bread (500 g)€ 1.24
Rice (white) (1 kg)€ 1.13
Eggs (medium) (12 pieces)€ 2.06
Local cheese (1 kg)€ 10.12
Leg of beef (1 kg)€ 12.22
Bananas (1 kg)€ 1.74
Oranges (1 kg)€ 1.72
Tomatoes (1 kg)€ 1.90
Potatoes (1 kg)€ 1.35
*The above-given cost is valid for 2022, and the average cost is for one person’s basic grocery/ food expenses.

Travel / Transportation costs: €50

It doesn’t make much sense to have a car in the city, so public transport (certainly in the initial phase of moving to Barcelona) will be necessary. The good news is that the public transport system in Barcelona is generally well thought out and reasonably priced. Here is a list of fares you may have to pay:

Means of TransportPrice in €
A one-way trip on public transport€ 2.30
Monthly ticket (regular price)€ 40
Basic taxi fare (regular fare)€ 3
1 kilometer in a taxi (normal fare)€ 1.18
Petrol (1 liter)€ 1.26

A summary of living costs in Barcelona

As the second most expensive city in Spain, Barcelona isn’t the cheapest place to live. However, compared to other European capitals (not to mention US cities!) Barcelona is a very reasonably priced place for everyday living costs.

So with the 3 basic costs the average cost of one person living in Barcelona is €850. However, it will of course exceed that because there will be more than accommodation, travel and food.

We estimate the average overall monthly expenses might come to €1500. SIf you are moving to Barcelona, why don’t do you add your approximate calculations to the above to give you a better idea of what might await you upon your arrival. Best of luck with your move!

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