Permaculture in the Montseny Catalonia

Pro-permaculture volunteers

Volunteers with experience in gardening, farming, permaculture and eco-sustainable design are welcome at Kalart.

We host no more than 2 volunteers at a time, ensuring that we can establish a close relationship and can assist both the founders and members of Kalart with whatever they need.

We have been collaborating with volunteers from all over the world since 2016, hosting more than 100 volunteers in these 5 years. You can find Kalart in the profile of several exchange and volunteering websites, from the most historical ones like or woofing to the most relevant, currently, where we have some of the best profiles on the net (create link), with dozens of positive comments.

We, the founders of Kalart, have also traveled for several years volunteering in other projects.
One of the essential characteristics of Kalart, is its link with nature, its immediate environment. We are located at the foot of the Montseny Natural Park, which is a UNESCO Biosphere. We are surrounded by fields of crops. Kalart was founded in a “casa de pagés”, a farmhouse, that is to say, the typical country house of rural Catalonia. And one of our rooms we reconditioned as a multipurpose space for workshops.

In this sense, Kalart’s view of the land continues to be that of recognizing that this is where the sustenance of life comes from. And of course, we created a community garden. The garden is an important project of the community, which meets weekly in a garden committee to coordinate all issues related to it.

The committee decided to make conventional cultivation compatible with permaculture practices, in order to respect the nature of the process, that is, sustainable and organic production. We are learning the theory and processes of permaculture in different areas: from the creation of compost, the design of the terraces or the cultivation of aromatic plants.

For these and other complementary tasks, we always have a place available for a volunteer with knowledge of permaculture that can help us and collaborate to improve our practices.

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