Network of talents in Catalonia

Montseny Talents

The XTM, as it is abbreviated, is translated, a network of talents from the region where we are located, the “Baix Montseny”, the southern part of this natural park -biosphere reserve-, and the most accessible from Barcelona.

We are creating this network with the intention of creating a more diverse and enriching community to help each other to create and promote collective projects.

The XTM is a directory, a resource bank of professionals, accessible to the same members, so that we can know who does what and in case you want to start an initiative you know which neighboring talents you can count on.

It is like a Linked-in of Montseny, but focused on the proactivity of the community, because apart from professional aspects, members are also asked for entrepreneurial aspects, such as your availability in hours for projects or your ability to invest.

Being part of the network is free and by joining you can benefit from the multidisciplinary talents and creative and cultural or entrepreneurial proposals of the collective. Together we can contribute to energize and give visibility to projects and initiatives of local economy, or improve the collaborative fabric between freelancers or freelancers of Montseny.

In a second phase we also intend to energize the network, make meetings for members to meet personally and generate collective proposals of common interest.

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