Coliving consulting: from opportunity to reality

Kalart is a very unique project in the ecosystem of the collivings, both for the philosophy of the founders and for the cultural and creative ecosystem of the valley where it is located and its rural enclave within the natural park.

Kalart is a hybrid between a coliving, a creative residency and a community. It opened in 2019 in the middle of the valley of the Parc Natural del Montseny and has already hosted a lot of entrepreneurs, creatives and artists.

The founders have previously created other projects related to tourism, holistic wellness, as well as educational projects among others. Many of these experiences, as well as his two-year trip around the world, have materialized in this cross-cutting project.

After being asked for initial consultations and informal advice in the Canary Islands and Norway, we decided to gather all our know-how in our best practices in order to provide different types of support to entrepreneurs who want to enter the coliving sector.

We can offer you three types of accompaniment:

– Advising: if you need feedback in a very preliminary first phase, to get in touch with the ecosystem, understand how the sector works and that we can recommend how to approach your proposal, this initial advice is the best way. 3 sessions of 90 minutes where we will make you a transfer of knowledge so that you will feel that you have been sailing in this sector for 3 years 🙂

– Consulting/Consulting: if after an advising session you want us to help you prepare a proposal, to think together what to offer, how to do it, analyze the feasibility, the critical points, etc. this is the best way for us to design a project that has guarantees of success and with which both parties can even collaborate. Ad hoc dedication and budget according to advising phase.

– Mentoring/Mentoring: if after a consulting session you need us to support you in the implementation, this is the way we can help you to consolidate your coliving. You will be able to count on our continuous feedback as you progress in the development of your coliving. You will save yourself the potential mistakes of when you first implement an action plan in a new sector, saving time and money as well. Dedication and ad hoc budget according to consulting phase.

In our accompaniments we will open the doors of Kalart, you will learn our secrets to navigate successfully in the ecosystem of the colivings, and above all we will support you to design yours to your measure and to spread your dream to thousands of people who will pass through your coliving.

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If you have any of these questions we can help you:

What is coliving and how does it work?

Coliving is a growing trend in the world of short-term housing that consists of sharing housing with other people. It is a form of accommodation that is designed for young professionals, remote workers, digital nomads, students and anyone looking for a shared living experience, create professional synergies and live in a comfortable and flexible way, without the worries and access costs of conventional renting.

In a coliving project, tenants share common spaces, mainly the coworking – the work space – as well as the kitchen, bathroom and living room, while having a private space for themselves. Coliving spaces are designed to foster collaboration, the creation of professional synergies and networking among tenants -colivers- who typically have common interests and values.

In addition to shared housing, coliving projects offer included services, such as good wifi – essential – as well as cleaning, maintenance and administration fees, to ensure tenants’ comfort and privacy. They are also spaces where mutual interaction is promoted and a sense of community is created among tenants, which contributes to a more harmonious coexistence.

Coliving is also an attractive alternative for people looking for a coworking space, where they can work on their career paths and share their experiences and knowledge with like-minded professionals. This type of accommodation is also popular among millennials and generation X, as it allows them to have greater flexibility and mobility in their careers.

In short, coliving is a form of housing that combines the comforts of a student residence and the professional synergies of a shared space, allowing tenants to save money, gain flexibility of movement and experience a harmonious shared life.

What regulations must a coliving comply with?

Coliving is a new housing formula in which young professionals and digital nomads share spaces and live in temporary accommodation. This business model has been driven by the growing rental market and the need for a residential solution for those seeking an affordable and flexible way to live.

However, there is a legal vacuum in terms of the regulations that coliving must comply with. It is important to note that coliving contracts are subject to certain regulations and legal requirements that must be met to ensure proper market fit and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

In Catalonia, the regulation on coliving is subject to urban planning regulations and the Civil Code on leases, since these residences do not have the character of habitable housing. It is therefore important to carry out a commercial, technical, legal, town planning and tax feasibility or implementation report before launching a coliving project.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the legal implications related to tenants’ rights and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations regarding terms and conditions. The flexible regulations that apply to this business model allow municipalities to regulate its operation, as long as tenants’ rights are respected.

In conclusion, it is essential to take legal issues into account when launching a coliving project and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and legal requirements. This is the only way to ensure the success and long-term viability of the business model.

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Can coliving be a project with a future?

Coliving is becoming increasingly popular due to the rising cost of real estate and short-term housing. It is a trend in housing projects that seeks to offer citizens of all generations new places to live together. By converting a property into a coliving, more money can be earned with flexible renting than with long-term renting.

The rent for these homes will include all utilities, management fees, amenities and furnishings at a lower cost than traditional studios. Work-from-home policies during the pandemic have led to increased demand for larger individual living spaces.

Colivings are growing by 40% annually in Spain and have been successful, with occupancy rates of over 90%. The advantages of coliving include flexibility, affordability and community. Sharing is increasingly popular among young people and adults, especially teleworkers.

Digital nomadism is a lifestyle that has become popular since the Covid-19 quarantine. Digital nomads live in different destinations from which they telecommute, allowing them to explore new cultures and environments while pursuing their careers. Converting a property into a coliving is a unique business opportunity to attract these digital travelers looking for a temporary and affordable home.

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What does Kalart’s formula bring to the collivings industry?

Kalart has designed its own formula for coliving by taking references from creative and artist residencies as well as intentional communities. This means that Kalart has its own operating model and philosophy, different from traditional or more commercial collivings.

Two key variables must also be added to these aspects. One, its unique natural environment, being located in the valley of the Montseny Natural Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) but only 50 km from Barcelona and Girona. And two, the activity of the cultural and creative ecosystem of the valley -which is unique in rural Catalonia- and that after developing in the 70s and 80s has consolidated a special attraction that today attracts many artists, performers, as well as therapists, practitioners of yoga and meditation, etc..

This has led Kalart to become a residence for professionals in transition. People who are redefining their professional career, who want to become entrepreneurs or are launching their startup, who want to get out of the city and try rural life, or who even need a break in their lives to reposition themselves and nourish themselves with something new. The change of paradigm is carried inside, and Kalart is the base camp to ascend to this and other vital summits.

On a practical level Kalart offers a self-management space very similar to communities, a coworking work environment with all possible synergies and all the comfort and flexibility to take your life as you want. Multicultural meals and after-dinner conversations, a community garden and karma yoga, an agenda with weekly workshops and events, and moments of games, connection and growth.

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