Rural Coliving in Catalonia: 5 compelling reasons

Reconnect with nature, with our essence, with our roots, with ourselves. Find the perfect opportunity in a project like Kalart.

Looking for a new place to live or start a business?

Discover and live in rural villages and communities with rural coliving spaces, rural coworking and rural incubators, where you will find other restless and enterprising people to collaborate or live with.

Maybe you want to live in a rural town where life is slower and less stressful. Or maybe you want to move to a rural community where you can participate in local projects and meet other conscientious entrepreneurs.

Rural communities often offer affordable housing, low crime rates and good schools. They are also often surrounded by lush nature, offering opportunities for outdoor activities and contact with forests, mountains and rivers.

It is no coincidence that coliving has become popular among millennials, digital nomads and conscious people. Catalonia has been no stranger to this reality, much less for those who prefer to live close to nature.

Catalonia is a thriving region with great opportunities. The natural beauty of its beaches and mountains are among its greatest assets.

Many people enjoy walking along the coast and enjoying the Catalan views.

Coworking and coliving are two types of rural living options that can be found in Catalonia, allowing for the sharing of space and resources. These living arrangements offer a way to save money and time by sharing office equipment and services.

Here are 5 reasons why rural coliving in Catalonia might be the best option for you:

1. You want to live close to nature

Rural living has become increasingly popular. People are moving from cities to rural areas to enjoy living close to nature.

There are many reasons why people choose to move to rural areas. Some of them include the beautiful scenery, fresh air and the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Living in rural areas has become increasingly popular because of its benefits. Rural residents benefit from having access to not only nature, but also better health care, lower crime rates and cheaper housing.

You know the benefits of living in the countryside and you want to live close to nature in Catalonia but… don’t you know the accommodation options?

In Catalonia it is possible to find different types of housing in a natural environment, such as: cabins, apartments, houses for rent and coliving located in farmhouses or rural houses in the spectacular Catalan countryside.

In addition to the different types of housing in nature, there are multiple options near Barcelona or other towns and cities.

The options for living in a natural environment are varied, because you can find rural houses very close to urban areas, in small villages or in more remote areas.

In particular, rural coliving usually have outdoor common spaces that allow you to be well inspired if you are a digital nomad.

Rural coliving is an excellent choice if you want to relax or have a conscious and balanced life close to nature.

2. Looking for a different lifestyle

Maybe you have felt that you want to connect with nature, connect with your essential self or with your roots.

Without a doubt, rural accommodations are a great place to work, rest and get closer to the lifestyle you want.

You can start the change you are looking for by choosing a simple but cozy home in one of those small towns you resonate with.

The lifestyle in a rural coliving can fit with your new lifestyle, because it gives moments to disconnect from the daily routine, for relaxation and for the creation of new ideas.

If you work as a digital nomad you can find access to an internet with good speed in a natural environment, because it is not a luxury exclusive to urban life.

Coliving in rural houses often have public and private work areas, outdoor areas, patios with a view of the mountains and a perfect place to work.

Just imagine, after a day’s work at the computer, taking a hike in the mountains is the perfect way to relax. So it is really easy to make the leap from the city to the countryside.

A rural coliving can also offer different activities in community life or also give the possibility to attend events in the area and even allow you to enjoy rural tourism activities as a local.

For example, in Kalart rural coliving and coworking located in the Natural Park of Montseny in Catalonia in the village of Sant Esteve de Palautordera, you find multiple community activities and alternatives in which you can participate.

In short, life in rural coliving allows you to have a more balanced life, between work and rest, technology and the countryside, community life and individual development, which helps you to rethink and experiment in the right balance you want for your life.

3. You want your own space

Having your own space in Catalonia is a dream that you feel stronger and stronger.

The first thing you have to know is that it is possible to have it and the rural coliving gives you a balanced and affordable option to have it.

It is normal to think that to have your own space the way is to buy a property but you know, it is not always true.

You can rent an apartment or find something within the cottage options if you want to maintain your privacy and feel at home, but there are many other options available to you.

Those square meters you want can be found in a coliving that also gives you the possibility to meet other people in the shared spaces.

For example, in Kalart you have the option to meet people and participate in different activities such as artistic activities, being part of the incubation of projects, among others.

The best thing is that even with all these opportunities to connect and share, in Kalart you also have your own space for the development of your activities and your individual development.

While renting or buying an entire property and having your own rural house or one of those village houses is an option for a change, coliving and coworking gives you more options for a healthy balance in your life.

Coliving communities allow you to more easily meet imaginative, inventive and entrepreneurial people with whom you can inspire and share storytelling, hiking in the mountains and more.

4. You want to save money

Money is not everything in life, but it is an important point to take into account when thinking about housing.

Therefore, the coliving spaces appear as an opportunity to have your space, share with other people, work digitally and all this in an affordable way.

This way of living promotes the enjoyment and sustainability of the rural environment by sharing lifestyle and expenses among different people, thus creating a community.

When you choose community living in a coliving, you are betting on a collaborative economy and contributing to ways to positively impact society and even rural development.

Coliving experiences allow you to have an economic, social and environmental balance, outside the logic of the real estate sector.

5. You want to meet people who share your values

Some reasons people go to the countryside are to get away from work, enjoy nature, get in touch with the village community, meet interesting people and experience new things.

If you want to live in community in coliving spaces, it is normal that you want to share with people who share your values.

In cottage coliving, you can find open-minded people who are eager to share knowledge and experiences with you in a reciprocal way.

You could even have fun with people in the community exploring the mountains and doing outdoor activities, even rural tourism.

Certainly, it can contribute to your well-being to spend time in nature, to live and share with people who care about others and with whom you can have meaningful conversations in the common areas, during meals, in the forest or under the stars?

Do you want to live it, or do you want to experience it?

If you are a digital nomad, find and live in rural villages where there are coworking spaces and project incubators.

In Catalonia you can find it more often on the outskirts of cities and small towns that have dynamic, open-minded municipalities that value and embrace the presence of people like you.

Connecting with the entrepreneurial ecosystem is a great desire for every digital nomad.

Meeting other entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses in their own local environments gives the digital nomad the opportunity for collaboration, cooperation and possibly even potential clients.

In addition, rural coworking helps to boost entrepreneurial activity in both rural and industrialized areas, thus adding to the quality of life in the rural environment.

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