Why Kalart?

If you are asking yourself these questions:

How to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature but in a cool village with a vibrant and creative atmosphere?

How to truly connect with like-minded people and grow honest and enriching relationships that last ages?

How have a purposeful life, in touch with nature and with a healthy work-leisure balance?

Keep reading, we are here to…



  • Montseny Valley, the biggest and closest Natural Park from Barcelona (50 min. by car/train) with many rivers, natural pools, and hundreds of hikes to explore.
  • A slow-life valley, where designers, eco-farmers, musicians and yoga teachers jam altogether in a dance of cultural and holistic activities.
  • We take care of our vegetable garden based on permaculture principles and we also cultivate medicinal plants.


  • We are a family of 12 colivers that change every 5 months on average. Some come for short term, and some they are like locals right now, which makes a very enriching experience.
  • There is a strong valley community that has supported crowdfunded projects, like a pizza place or ice cream shop in town.
  • Montseny Valley is a multicultural hub, a diverse community with 11 different nationalities with whom we collaborate for events, activities or gatherings.


  • We host entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists and people looking for a retreat atmosphere in order to get inspired and rethink their work and life balance.
  • Kalart is a beta version lab, where many things can happen in a co-creative environment according to anyone’s needs.
  • We escape from commercial lifestyle or touristic coliving formulas. We host people looking for an alternative and sustainable way to live and work.